Angry Birds Go!


THE Hotel Transylvania 3
A Monster Vacation COLLECTION

Discover the new Play Caps with the heroes of Hotel Transylvania 3:
A Monster Vacation
in your favorite Chipicao croissant,
mini croissants, biscuits and cake bar, and start the game with your friends!

There are 100 different Supersize Play Caps to collect & play!
Collect the new 90 different Supersize Play Caps with the extra STICKER!
Play with the play caps and stick all of the heroes of
Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation, to each other!
Find the 10 metal collectible Play Caps for maximum power and swap them with your friends to complete the new Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation collection.


There are 4 different super powers on the back side of each Play Cap,
to compare and play with your friends:


If the points of the super power you have chosen is the same
as your friend's,then choose another one
and continue the game until there is a winner!


Create a pile with the paper Play Caps.
Your friends should accordingly make up their own pile,
with the same number of Play Caps.
Use the Metal Collectible Play Cap as a shooter, and knock down as many as you can.
Your friends will do the same with their own created pile.
Winner is the one who manages to knock down the most of the
Paper Play Caps of it’s own pile.

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